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Line up for Solar power Inverter

Boosting and
AC smoothing Choke coil

DM series

Compact, Low loss (High Flux)

AC filter Choke coil

FL series / FL-V series

Compact, High magnetic permeability

Surge protection
Metal Oxide Varistor

V series

Noncombustible Metal Oxide Varistor

SV series


Smoothing Snap-in Aluminum
Electrolytic Capacitor

KMT series

High ripple 105℃ 3,000h

Available 450 to 500Vdc

KHS series

Downsizing from KMS series 105℃ 3,000h

LHS series

Downsizing from LXS series 105℃ 5,000h

Available 450 to 600Vdc

KMS series

High ripple 105℃ 3,000h

LXS series

Long life, High ripple 105℃ 5,000h

Film Capacitor

TACE series

High current

HACE series

High current, High voltage

TACD series


HACD series

High voltage

Smoothing Radial-lead Aluminum
Electrolytic Capacitor

KXJ series

Long life 105℃ 8,000 to 12,000h

KXL series

Downsizing from KXJ series

Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic

TXH series

Long life 105℃ 10,000h

Screw-mount Aluminum Electrolytic

RWH series

High ripple 85℃ 5,000h